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Make Use Of Practice Tests And Test Preparation Materials.
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If you have to use your phone or computer to study, download apps that'll block distracting sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Instagram. Here are some options for you:. When you watch a visual documentary with a story and a plot, you may be more interested than when you're reading from an explanatory textbook. A documentary will explain and show, so you'll have a more dynamic experience with the topic that you can reference during test time.

Test your memory with flashcards and don't stop playing the cards until you've gotten all of them correct. You can then recall these diagrams when you come to question on certain topics you drew up — this is an especially good technique for anyone with a vividly visual memory. When you study in a group, you can share ideas and learn from one another. It may be helpful to hear another person's perspective, and you can even teach them yours — and we already know that teaching something helps you study it.

Meditation will help you concentrate your energy into your studies, and it will also help you reduce pre-exam stress, which will improve your overall performance, as well. Reading Recall and Comprehension" said that they prefer a hard print copy over a digital device when it comes to studying. Typing your notes in Times New Roman will make studying easier for you, because it's statistically the easiest font to read, and you can read it the fastest. There's a reason why Times New Roman has been a staple font for so long.

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Listen to music. Take a practice test. Pay attention to where you study. Get exercising.

Tips from Psychology to Improve Learning Effectiveness and Efficiency

Chill out. Take the occasional break.

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Go for a walk before an exam. Speak out loud instead of simply reading. Create mental associations. Use scents to jog your memory.

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Turn off the tech. Use apps to block distracting sites. Watch a documentary on the topic of study.

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Use flashcards. Draw diagrams. Study in a group.

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Stick to print. Type your notes in Times New Roman. Sign up! At least 12 to 18 months prior to the academic year in which you hope to attend a U.

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Start by answering these basic questions and looking at the more specific 'define your priorities' pages under each level of study in this section:. Choose your level of study e. Keep in mind that the schools you apply to must be certified by the Student Exchange Visitor Program. You can find a searchable list of certified schools on the Department of Homeland Security's Study in the State's website. Application and financial aid deadlines affect when you take standardized tests because test results must reach admissions offices no later than their application deadlines.

Find an advising center. Department of Commerce The U. Universities Student Emergencies. Start by answering these basic questions and looking at the more specific 'define your priorities' pages under each level of study in this section: Why do you want to study in the United States? Where will you fit in best? Which colleges or universities will meet your needs?