Dog eating homework

"The dog ate my homework" is an English expression which carries the suggestion of being a common, poorly fabricated excuse made by schoolchildren to.
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Just give them a week extension. If they did the work but didn't save, which is dumb but not deserving of a 0 then they should still have enough research to make at least a passable essay with an extension. If they didn't do the work and were just going for an easy then they'll get a 0 or low grade anyway, so it doesn't really change things for the slackers, it just gives the students who legitimately put effort in a chance.

I still can't fathom a diligent student with comprehensive notes to not have the final copy saved. I was an average student at best but I still saved my four or five pre-final drafts for every paper. Same thing happened to my class. He just decided to give everyone an A because it was his fault and he didn't have the time to redo everything. Reminds me of when one of my profs died midyear. The university couldn't find any of the grades and asked us to turn back in all past tests class didn't have homework. I don't know if any students lost any tests but I assume the department was forgiving due to the extraordinary circumstances.

My dog ate my homework - Really!

First time I've seen this and I laughed at it for some time, even sharing it with my husband. I remember this thing being posted on Facebook years ago with someone realizing then they were Moon Moon, but then my friends realized I was Beautiful Vixen I'm a guy and they wouldn't shut up about it for weeks. I'm literally Alpha Wolf jk I'm actually beta af. That dog is not the crunchiest treat in the jar.

Lol don't be. Sometimes my dog gets scared of the most ridiculous things. She can't be in the same room as a watermelon. In college, a professor was shredding documents and his young son decided to "help" when he had his back turned.


It was a relatively low impact assignment so he apologized and gave us all As. This is the proper response. Another complicated and unsound response, though, will make college more memorable. I hope you're the teacher, and if you are just say fuck it and give everyone credit for that assignment. Since this is on me, I'm giving you all full credit Your sheet miraculously survived with just minor chewing so I was still make out your idiotic answers.

We had something similar to this happen when I was in 11th grade One time someone tried to steal our car, but by pure dumb luck the battery had died the same day, so they couldn't start it. So you're telling me that some douche stole your bag, but ditched the schoolwork and the unlocked car which could be easily stolen, just for a bag?? Thieves are fucking dumb.

I had one break into my car. Stole my fucking gas pedal and insurance papers. They then dumped my insurance papers all over the street 3 blocks down. My car was nicked once and I had a pair of trainers in the boot. They nicked one of them.

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I choose to believe it was someone being a wanker rather than a one-legged man driving a manual car. A girl once told me abut when she was skiing in Colorado, someone smashed one of the car windows and stole ONLY the left-hand mittens of the 14 pairs. It was stick so maybe they noticed that and knew they couldn't drive it?

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My bag would have been just laying there. They could have reached into the window and grabbed it. In the 12th grade, our essays were thrown away apparently. My teacher kept a box under her desk where she stored essays and gave them back to us at the end of the year as a binder of our work for the year.

She in turn just gave everyone an A, and apologized. They later found the teacher's box in the recycle bin, so she graded it. I ended up getting two A's for that one essay. At the end of the year, the binder returned was rather cool.

Md. teacher wants students — and the dog — to eat homework

As if my mother didn't have a hard enough job already, being a public school English teacher in the most illiterate state in the USA, let me tell you what our lil Nipper did to make it worse. Nipper ended up destroying over 30 book reports on Macbeth, a report which counted as a large percentage of your overall English grade, a grade which would heavily determine whether you graduate or not. To Nipper, it was a stupid stack of yummy paper, but to the 4th period English class at CCHS, it was the most important book report you've ever done in your entire academic history.

Next morning, we found what was left of the reports, completely torn to shreds behind our couch Nipper's favorite hiding spot for shit she knew she would get in trouble for.

My mom freaked, meanwhile Nipper has ran to my room, hiding under my bed another hiding spot , knowing she was in trouble. We also found an entire pack of my dads cigarettes behind the couch, a pack that I actually got blamed for stealing. She had eaten more than half of the cigarettes, including filters. I don't know how many hundreds of dollars worth of Bic red ink pens this dog ate, or how much toxic ink it had consumed, but that was another thing to make my moms teaching career even harder.

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  4. I wont even go into the story of when she ate some "magic mushrooms" that i had "hidden" under my bed. Sheesh, that was quite an episode. This dog would actually eat an entire pine cone if you licked it first, which was enough to convince her it was human food. And I mean the entire damn pine cone. She also destroyed probably more than a hundred cords She probably destroyed over 10, dollars worth of stuff, which would probably make her a felon if she was human. This included our living room TV set, my older brothers nintendo, and my first super nintendo.

    This fucking dog Even worse, half the time the cords she ruined were only halfway chewed into. Because they were still plugged into the wall, and she was nearly shocked to death before she decided to do something else, such as finding another cord to eat. Nipper literally defied the psychological strategy of electro-shock torture techniques by continuing to chew on cords for the rest of her life, shock or no shock.

    That goddamn Nipper, lemme tell ya. That crazy lil mutt, despite being seriously overweight, tripped on mushrooms, consumed god knows how much red pen ink, and nearly shocked to death dozens upon dozens of times, she actually lived to be 15 years old. She died of natural causes in her sleep, happy and spunky til the very last day. Dog was like a sister to me, a sister that I loved very much despite being the most annoying lil punk ever. Dad drove a truck and was on the road overnight, mom was teaching night classes at a community college, and usually didn't get home til around 11pm.

    Once I saw the shroom baggie on the floor of my room, I fucking freaked. Thought my mom or dad had found it, until I noticed the teeth marks. Alright, time to find Nipper and make sure she is still alive Well, I found Nipper, in the living room, leaning against the wall in a spot she never sits at. She couldn't even sit or stand straight. She was leaning against the wall at nearly a 45 degree angle. Immediately, I knew she was tripping. I'm not even sure she recognized who I was.

    What are you looking for?

    She just gave me the blankest stare I'd ever seen from her. She also wasn't a dog that barked alot, but she walked up to the living room window and started barking non-stop, which I assume she was barking at her reflection. That lasted about an hour. She tried walking down the hallway to my moms bedroom, walking in a slow zigzag, stopping multiple times as if she didn't know what the hell was happening.

    Usually that walk takes her about 10 or so seconds, and this time it took her at least 5 minutes to make it down the damn hallway. She finally made it to my moms room and just stood there at the foot of my moms bed. She couldn't even jump on the bed. She gave a half-ass attempt, in which her legs never even left the ground, and then she stared at me as if it was the most difficult thing in the world.