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Now you want to write the research paper for it. (Milgram actually waited two years before writing about his study.) Here's a shortened example of a research article.
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It might seem like a dreadful task and especially for the students who are new to this. It requires good writing as well as research skills. Here is a sample template to further explain the outline. Your proposal proposal should have enough data and information to persuade and convince your readers regarding the significance of your research.

How to format your research paper

Here is a basic format you can follow while writing your proposal. Now you have the basic outline you can follow. Your proposal title should be concise and clear to indicate your research question. The title is the first thing that your reader is going to read. A catchy yet informative title will attract readers.

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Your readers should know what to expect in the paper after reading the title. Your title should clearly indicate the relationship between the independent and dependent variables. Make it concise and well defined. The abstract is a short summary that is around words. The abstract should include the research question, hypothesis of your research if there is any , the research methodology and findings.

If the proposal is detailed then it will require a section of the table of contents after the abstract. You need to start with a strong introduction. The introduction is written to provide a background or context related to your research problem.


It is important to frame the research question while writing the proposal. Your entire proposal will revolve around your research question. If the research question is not specific and has a very general literature review, then your proposal might seem insignificant. A specific research question will make your research focused on. However, there is no one way to frame your research question.

Start the introduction with a general statement related to the problem area you are focusing on and the justification for your study. Have a very clear and concise idea related to your research to make sure you do not deviate from the boundaries set for your study. A clear idea will help you craft a perfect thesis.

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Here is how you can create a crisp and interesting thesis introduction along with a basic guideline. As per the requirements of your instructor, you can incorporate the literature review in the introduction or create a separate section for the review. A separate section dedicated to the literature review will allow you to conduct extensive background research and support your research question with ample proof from credible sources and research.

A literature review is an important component. However, there are some common mistakes that students make while reviewing the literature. Keep your literature review organized by adding a subheading to maintain a smooth flow in the content. Reading literature review might seem boring to a few people.

Try not to bore your readers and your instructor, or the committee.. Write it in an engaging manner. The significance of your research will identify the importance of your work. It should be mainly stated in the introductory paragraph. You must highlight how your research is beneficial to the development of science and society in general. Similarly, you can also state its contribution to the field in both the broader and narrow sense.

Diverse Research Paper Examples

This section explains how you are going to conduct your research and the method you choose for your research question. Explain why the specific method is suitable for your research and how will it help you attain your research goals. Your research methodology will give you an organized plan for the research. Mention sufficient information regarding your research methodology for readers to understand how you are conducting your research.

It must contain enough information regarding the study for another researcher to implement it. Choose the type of research methodology that is suitable for your research. Quantitative research is suitable for projects involving collecting and analysis of statistical data like that in social sciences, medicine, and psychology.

Qualitative type is used in a theoretical type of research like that in literature. Some research involves both; if your research topic also involves an analysis of both the statistical data and theory, then make sure that you use them appropriately. For a qualitative approach, the method section of your proposal needs to be more detailed and elaborate as compared to the one in the quantitative approach.

How you will collect your data and analyze it according to the qualitative approach should be described with great care. When you choose a quantitative approach for your research, the method section should contain answers to the following elements. Have detailed knowledge of all the research methodologies to justify your approach towards the research problem.

Writing a Research Proposal - Outline, Format and Examples

Your research objectives will clearly concise what the writer is trying to achieve. Moreover, these aims and objectives must be achievable. It means that it must be framed according to the:. However, it is beneficial to read all the developments in the field and find research gaps before deciding your objective.

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  • It will help you come up with suitable aims for your projects. It is an essential part of your outline. Researchers need to consider ethical values while conducting research work. Furthermore, you also have to be very careful in the data collection process and need to respect the rights of the participants.

    They should not subject to harm in any way. Similarly, full consent should be obtained from them prior to the study.

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    Lastly, it is the moral duty of the writer to promise complete confidentiality so that they feel comfortable while sharing information. The research limitations indicate the flaws and shortcomings of your research. The experiment: Say you have just conducted the Milgram Study.

    Now you want to write the research paper for it. Milgram actually waited two years before writing about his study. It's presented here for educational purposes. Normally you would use double spacing in the paper. Most theories suggest that only very disturbed people are capable of administering pain to an ordinary citizen if they are ordered to do so. Our experiment tested people's obedience to authority. The results showed that most obey all orders given by the authority-figure, despite their unwillingness.

    The conclusion is that, contrary to common belief, personal ethics mean little when pitted against authority.