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Article PDF first page preview. Issue Section:. You do not currently have access to this article. Download all slides. Sign in Don't already have an Oxford Academic account? You could not be signed in. Sign In Forgot password? Don't have an account? Sign in via your Institution Sign in. Unimpeded with conflict, they live in innocence, working not out of necessity but to make their home beautiful, speaking not to clear up misunderstanding but for the pleasure of it, and anticipating a time when they will rise up to the order of angels and be favoured with a closer communion with God.

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Adam and Eve in Paradise Lost Research Papers

Throughout the story, Satan is talked about significantly Continue Reading. A Creator who would Continue Reading.

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In his poem, Milton uses the key points of an epic poem when he traditionally invokes a muse to speak through him, includes great deeds of valor, long speeches, and a list of the protagonists Continue Reading. Attempting to rationalize his situation, Satan realizes he has lost all hope and happiness but he has gained the rule of a kingdom of his own and the Continue Reading.

The correlations between these two Continue Reading. The fall Continue Reading. The answer might actually be surprising to the majority of Americans who identify themselves as Christian and seek a Christian education. In , frequently Christian education can seem retrograde, a form of ressentiment and indoctrination that derides Darwinism and has a greater interest in upholding a political consensus than in embodying the ideals set forth by Christ Himself. I propose to examine a Christian philosophy of education through a somewhat unique…… [Read More].

Abandonment in Shelley's Frankenstein and Bronte's Jane Eyre: a Comparison Abandonment is a substantial theme in literature written by women.

Paradise Lost by John Milton

It is not a theme that is only addressed by women in literature, to be sure, but it is one that seems to be utilized most evocatively by them. This paper will provide a comparative analysis of two literary sources -- Shelley's Frankenstein and Bronte's Jane Eyre -- to show how abandonment can cause depression, deep emotions and despair, but how it can also open up new doors for an individual; it will show how unprofitable it can be and yet how beneficial to one's life it can also prove in the long run.

Jane Eyre is a romantic-gothic novel by…… [Read More]. Man vs God in Frankenstein. Conflict is the dominant theme of the novel—one that Mary Shelley herself experienced in her own life, being married to the romantic poet Percy Byshe Shelley, who struggled with his own romantic ideas just as Victor Frankenstein struggles with his vain desire to be a Creator in Frankenstein.

True, the monster comes into life looking hideous—but that is because he had an uncaring creator; the monster is actually very thoughtful and desires to love and be loved. He attempts to make friends but finds that he is rebuked for his ugliness and driven away into isolation. He then…… [Read More]. Giving Thanks Broke it. And gave it to his Disciples, saying, 'This is my Body, which is given to you.

Historically, at the Last Supper, Christ used bread and wine as a supreme metaphor for the rest of our lives. Jesus was in turmoil. He was aware of what was about to befall him -- namely, suffering and death.

This was the last major lesson he would teach before his arrest following Judas' betrayal. Eschatologically speaking, the above set the stage for the Christian ministry of the apostles, evangelists and priests. Indeed, every Christian is called to give of him or herself for the Glory of God and the Glory of Mankind. The message at the Last Supper was powerful. People have put themselves through…… [Read More]. Devil's Advocate Seeks to Demonstrate. Lomax can be interpreted to mean the highest of the low and possibly hints at his place within Satan's hierarchy as he is Satan's son.

Mary Ann's name, on the other hand, seems to allude to Mary the mother of Jesus or Mary Magdalene; by naming the character Mary, the author insinuates that she is innocent in the entire affair. Most importantly is John Milton. This is clearly a reference to the author of Paradise Lost. The epic poem seeks to "justify the ways of God to men" by analyzing how Adam and Eve were tempted and why they were expelled from the Garden of Eden Milton 1.

Moreover, the epic poem also makes an argument for free will, a concept that Milton, the character, exploits.


One of the central themes within the story is that everything is a test. This sets up the argument that there are several conflicts…… [Read More]. This is because Sophocles deals with deep and important human situations and emotions. Even though we can no longer imagine what it would be like to live in the world which Sophocles inhabits, we can completely understand his characters because they are fully human and human nature does not change much over time. Though he writes about kings and queens and the wealthy of Greece, his characters have the sense of being representatives of every man and woman, in every era.

His characters struggle with pride and with sin and with accepting the will of the gods -- when they do things they should not do, in the end they are punished, and accept this punishment. This gives them a greater morality than sinners who are portrayed…… [Read More]. Is a Prophet Always Inspired.

Prophets are often seen as peculiar people who receive divine inspiration. The purpose of this paper is to discuss whether a prophet is always inspired.

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  • We will begin our discussion by defining prophetic inspiration and the function of a prophet. Our discussion will then focus on how to distinguish between prophecy that is inspired and prophecy that is uninspired. Prophetic Inspiration The prime examples of prophetic inspiration can be found in the bible.

    According to a book entitled Inspiration and Revelation in the Old Testament, it is very difficult to explain the function of the Hebrew prophet. The book asserts that this difficulty exist because the function of the prophet is beyond that of human experience and is characterized by philosophical and religious assumptions. Robinson The author also asserts that 'The Hebrew prophets have so greatly influenced religion…… [Read More]. Female Elements in Their Eyes. This renunciation, depending on one's perspective, represents either a willful act of sacrifice or a selfish act of disobedience.

    Sandra Pouchet Paquet, however, frames this problematic deed in neutral terms in her analysis of the text, which focuses on its ambivalence toward the role of ancestral knowledge in identity formation. Paquet asserts that Janie "repudiates the values of her surrogate parents in her conscious quest for selfhood" p. She also suggests that ancestral knowledge operates merely as a means to "psychic wholeness" in the novels and argues that the text is successful in exploring "the divorce from ancestral roots that accompanies conventional notions of success" p.

    Specifically, she wants to interpret the mystery conferred to her through the…… [Read More]. Eye Opening Experience the Rime. Apart from taking an authoritative role in the Symposium, many people consider her to be behind the doubts of her existence. She passes her wisdom to Socrates who in turn passes it to his many friends. She distinguishes the difference that existed between good and beautiful in the context of love. She emphasizes the significance of the object of love even in beauty and birth. Duchess of Malfi by John Webster The story presents a penetration of the surface of the anarchy of life that does not guarantee a divine moral pattern.

    Instead, the outcome is a cycle of terror. The Duchess are yet to conquer the horror to realize spiritual victory. Ferdinand and the Cardinal…… [Read More]. Monstrous Natures in Frankenstein and. Though the Monster tries to refrain from interfering; "hat chiefly struck me was the gentle manners of these people, and I longed to join them, but dared not…[remembering] too well the treatment I had suffered the night before from the barbarous villagers" The Monster learns how society behaves through the observation of the family, and through the reading of books.

    Much like Frankenstein, the Monster is greatly influenced by what he reads including Plutarch's Lives, Sorrow of erter, and Paradise Lost. The Monster's innocence and ignorance, at this point, does not allow him to fully understand or relate to any of the characters in the books The Monster eventually relates to Adam in Paradise Lost, not considering himself a monster, because even "Satan had his companions, fellow devils, to admire and encourage him" Harold Bloom on Shelley's Frankenstein.

    Bloom claims that Victor was a "moral idiot" Bloom when he shirked his responsibilities.

    Essays on Paradise Lost

    Victor's actions reveal that he is a completely selfish individual, incapable of being aware of anyone else's existence. The monster undergoes a radical transformation in the novel, from a being with no sense to a being completely aware of himself. He is more aware of himself than Victor could ever be and this allows the reader to identify with him on a more personal level. It is his sense of self that makes him human and Victor's selfishness that makes him seem inhuman. The irony is what brings Bloom back to the Romantic mythology of self. Bloom successfully proves his points in this essay.

    He could have used more quotations from the text itself but the essay is strong enough without them.

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