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9 ESL Homework Ideas That Will Have Students Begging for More · 1. Start some gossip · 2. Assign a latte homework · 3. Encourage your know-it-alls · 4. Observe​.
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Create a Laughter First-Aid Box. Share your items with someone in your group. In America, as in the Dr. Seuss classic, every voice must be heard if society is to survive. Wickersham, The Boston Globe. Read Horton Hears a Who! That crisis worked out all right in the end. The fate of the Whos hangs in the balance. Horton is being detained in a cage, and the thugs are about to obliterate the Whos and their entire planet by dropping them into a pot of boiling oil.

No one but Horton can hear the Whos. The only thing that can save them from destruction is a full-throated show of good old-fashioned civic responsibility. They need to speak up. Insidious voter suppression tactics include the closing of polling places , intimidation at the polls , and disenfranchisement laws that deny the vote to many vulnerable members of society…And this year we have the additional challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, made worse by the malevolent, irresponsible antics of a president intent on sowing chaos and undermining our faith in the voting process… This is not an election to sit out.

The mayor makes a desperate last search of the town and finds a bored little Who sitting at home playing with a yo-yo. Voting is an act of faith. Reading Comprehension: Fill-ins. Directions: Place students in small groups and after they have read the entire article, have them complete the following sentences taken from the article. They can use the words and terms from the list provided, or provide their own terms. They are to find the meanings of any new vocabulary.

WH-How Questions. Not even a global pandemic could stop her from voting in this one. Andrew, CNN. The Chicago Teachers Union, of which she was a member, shared the image. But she would never have missed her chance to vote. She urges every registered voter in the US to exercise their right, too. Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden has won the majority of elder voters.

Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris waves as she arrives on stage for the vice presidential debate with Mike Pence on Wednesday, Oct. Kamala Harris did the best job in the vice presidential debate tonight, according to a CNN Instant Poll of registered voters who watched. Agiesta — CNN.

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Related: More than 4 million Americans have already voted [in the Election] suggesting record turnout. Directions: Students choose the correct word to complete the sentences taken from the article. They are to choose from the options presented. Reading Comprehension Fill-ins.

Directions: Place students in groups and after they have read the entire article, have them complete the following sentencestaken from the article.

Frenkel and J. Barnes, The New York Times.

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Fake News Attacks Threaten Election. USA Today. The disinformation campaign by the Kremlin-backed group, known as the Internet Research Agency, is the first public evidence that the agency is trying to repeat its efforts from four years ago and push voters away from the Democratic presidential candidate, Joseph R.

Biden Jr. Intelligence agencies have warned for months that Russia and other countries were actively trying to disrupt the November election, and that Russian intelligence agencies were feeding conspiracy theories designed to alienate Americans by laundering them through fringe sites and social media. Now Facebook and Twitter are offering evidence of this meddling… Some American officials are worried about a broad effort by Russian intelligence to use fringe websites, spread conspiracy theories and sow division in the United States.

We are the best in the world at analyzing how online social networks form, evolve, and are manipulated. Russian hackers and Trolls Grow Stealthier as U. The New York Times. Researchers are also concerned about homegrown disinformation campaigns, and the latest Russian effort went to some lengths to appear like it was made in the United States.

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Russian fake news is back. Do these 4 things to help save the election from foreign interference. We can and must be more vigilant.

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But this time around, Russia may not have to try so hard. Win McNamee:Getty Images. Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden greet the audience after [winning] the first presidential debate in Cleveland. Scott Olson:Getty Images. During a campaign stop Wednesday at a train station in Alliance, Ohio, Democratic nominee Joe Biden said he would continue to participate in the debates, telling reporters that he is looking forward to them.

How to vote: Find out the rules in your state. Some states have already started sending out mail ballots; see how to make sure yours counts. Absentee and mail ballots are two terms for the same thing , mostly used interchangeably.

1. Start some gossip

Barring a landslide, we may not have a result in the presidential election on Nov. Electoral college map: Who actually votes, and who do they vote for? Explore how shifts in turnout and voting patterns for key demographic groups could affect the presidential race. Battlegrounds: Want to understand the swing states?

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Read about Michigan , Wisconsin , North Carolina , Florida and Pennsylvania , and sign up for The Trailer and get more states, plus more news and insight from the trail, in your inbox three days a week. Click on your state in the map to see a lot of the information you need in order to cast a ballot this fall — by whatever method you choose. This page will be updated on a regular basis with the latest developments. Advanced K-W-L chart. Intervention for Reading — Michigan State University. Grammar Focus: Identifying P repositions. Directions: The following sentences are from the news article.

For each sentence choose the correct preposition from the choices listed. Note that not all prepositions listed are in the article. Directions: Have students use theWH-question format to discuss or to write the main points from the article.