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AFPC implements advanced notification for two Developmental Special Duty assignments in order to create more commander involvement and increase.
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Survey respondents said some of the main stressors that contribute to this assignment fatigue were difficulties finding a work-life balance, having to take on professional responsibilities outside typical duty hours, and time away from their operational career fields. Shorter tour lengths are expected to increase retention and readiness, and reduce assignment-related burnout, officials said.

The change affects military training instructors, military training leaders, certain Air Education and Training Command technical instructors, and stateside professional military education instructors, the Air Force said in a statement.

  • Changes to special duty assignments will allow more Marines to deploy!
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Airmen who are newly assigned to any of these training roles will remain in them for three years, while trainers who were already serving in one of these positions between July 1, , and June 30, , will have 30 days to choose to complete their original four-year tour or change down to three years.

The change in tour length does not apply to recruiters, Air Force officials said, citing the seven weeks required to get them trained and certified.

Air Force adds jobs to special duty pay list in 12222

Also exempted from the changes are those on overseas tours or assigned to special duty assignments that are outside their military specialty, if they started before July 1, They will finish their tours as scheduled, the statement said. For example, a Marine with several children can serve stateside as a combat instructor because there is a support structure in place for his or her family, but a Marine security guard detachment commander cannot count on having that level of family support overseas, he said. For more newsletters click here.

As of now, there will be no change in pay for Marines in special duty assignments and type-1 billets, Black said. The Corps re-examines pay for Marines in these billets every two years, he said.

Changes to special duty assignments will allow more Marines to deploy

They always change. To what extent: Unknown right now because the validation has to happen every two years.

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